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The Our Discovery Island series and Islands series are independent educational courses published by Pearson Education Limited and is not affiliated with, or authorised, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Discovery Communications LLC or Discovery Education, Inc.

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Our Discovery Island first published 2011
Islands first published 2012


Online world ISBN 978-1-4082-3909-4
Islands Starter Active Teach ISBN 978-1-4479-2466-1
Islands Starter Digital Activity Book ISBN 978-1-4082-8996-9
Islands 1 Active Teach ISBN 978-1-4082-8987-7
Islands 1 Digital Activity Book ISBN 978-1-4082-8994-5
Islands 2 Active Teach ISBN 978-1-4082-9006-4
Islands 2 Digital Activity Book ISBN 978-1-4082-9013-2
Islands 3 Active Teach ISBN 978-1-4082-9024-8
Islands 3 Digital Activity Book ISBN 978-1-4082-9030-9
Islands 4 Active Teach ISBN 978-1-4082-9041-5
Islands 4 Digital Activity Book ISBN 978-1-4082-9048-4
Islands 5 Active Teach ISBN 978-1-4082-9060-6
Islands 5 Digital Activity Book ISBN 978-1-4082-9067-5
Islands 6 Active Teach ISBN 978-1-4082-9077-4
Islands 6 Digital Activity Book ISBN 978-1-4082-9085-9



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